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[MASM] Easy Code for MASM

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Easy Code for MASM is the visual assembly programming environment made to build 32-bit Windows applications.
The Easy Code for MASM interface, looking like Visual Basic, allows you to program a Windows assembler application done in an easy way as was never possible before
- What's new in GoAsm version -

It fixes the following bugs:

* Fixes a problem in the list box of the properties window. If there were many items to show, not all of them could be seen when the list box was opened.
It adds the following features:

* The 'OwnerDraw' propety has been improved for a better usage of the new 'Common controls'. Please read the 'OwnerDraw propety' topic in the Easy Code help file.

* The 'App' object has now two new members: 'ProcessID' and 'ThreadID'. Please read the 'App and Error objects' topic in the Easy Code help file.