Phần mềm làm ảnh poster, fan-art đẹp mắt của Mede8er , phiên bản cập nhất mới nhất : YAMJ To Mede8er V2.0.5 By Shizzl Yamj2.7 r3149 1Aug2012

How to Install:
- Place folder where ever you want
- Delete Y2M registry before first use (see .bat in attachment)
- Default skin is now named 'Y2M'
- Start program

Online Multi-Language User Guide
Mede8er Y2M User Guide V2

Guide to make your own Fan Art Backgrounds for Y2M
Mede8er Make Fanart Guide

- new GUI layout
- added folder.jpg overlay option (no, left, right, center)
- added direct folder.fpg overlay preview!
- added "Create Fanart Image" option, fanart.jpg will be copied to moviefolder
- added "Use folder date for XML" option!
- added "Use moviefile Date for XML" option
- added hyperlink to Overlay folder, when pressing on folder.jpg preview
- removed the about.jpg / folder.jpg name field, as well as resolution fields for best performance.
- removed skin and jukebox path from GUI

Sort by latest in Jukebox
Till now if you use sort by latest in jukebox, you get an alphabetical z-a order due to yamj scan order.
Using "folder/file date for XML" option will modify the xml date to the folder/file creation date.
--> if you use sort by latest in jukebox now, movies will be shown in correct latest order

Folder.jpg Overlay
The folder.jpg overlays are located in the "Overlay" folder. Names are:
- right.png
- left.png
- center.png

CHANGELOG -- YAMJ_To_Mede8er_2.0.0_Shizzl_yamj-2.6-SNAPSHOT-r2943 - 18 Feb2012
- Fixed movie cover alignment BD / DVD Box
- Updated to latest YAMJ 2943 More info

- startup size reduced to 1280x700
- items rearranged

- Bigger YAMJ properties, now even more bigger Smiley
- Hover Selection renamed to: Load Image on Mouseover
- Bigger Titles List
- title folder not visible anymore, only hyperlink

- Title Path now displayed, with Hyperlik support to edit Files quickly
- Hover Selection option added
- fixed: resolution arrow-buttons do not respond
- Bigger YAMJ properties

- Now you can see Search Result Title and Movie Filename in same row to compare yamj results.
- Descriptions modified
- Tips added for Jukebox path
- Full screen support, items rearranged
- New XML metadata contents:
- Default Skin folder is now Y2M!