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[Reverse's Tools] DLL to Lib 3.00

DLL to Lib 3.00
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Convert DLL file into its equivalent static library. In the conversion process, a programming interface identical to the export functions in the DLL is introduced for developers. And the necessary symbol tables, string tables and reference tables are also reconstructed from the DLL to make a valid and portable static library.
Support to convert all 32-bit DLLs developed by different tools, including Component Object Model(COM) based DLLs.

Integrate "Import Library Reference Information Generator" to process the references to standard libraries.

Integrate "Symbol Finder" for you to find the detail information about a special symbol or a class of symbols.

Support to convert DLLs that use compiler and API implements of TLS.

Perform cross check between the DLL's import lib and the generated static lib so to eliminate the potential inconsistency.

Check the COMDAT symbols in the import libs when generating the static lib.

Support to load and save the conversion settings as a project file.

Support command line parameters.