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[Virus] Infect victim with pictures (no binder needed)

Benina says: Bài này đọc qua cho ta ý tưởng tạo 1 con virus. Nó cũng chẳng có gì cao siêu.

Okay now in this tutorial I will show you how one may spread their virus with pictures, and no binder whatsoever.
It can easily be found by someone with decent knowledge of pc's so be weary of using this method and dont use it for mass spreading, however it works wonderfully when you have a friend or someone that you might personally know which you want to open your servers.

Step 1.
Go to your desktop or commonly known place and make a new folder. Simple right? Right...

Step 2.
Add your server to that folder and name it whatever that you would like it to be called. It dosent really matter what you call it because as long as the person dosent get suspicious of you, they are not going to see that your server lies in this folder.

Step 3.
Decide which picture that youd like to open your virus when its looked @. This shouldent be too hard, you probably have an idea of what your victim likes and what pics they would open in the first place.
For my example I will be using a picture that means nothing for anyone and simply states that "you have been hacked" as an example.

Step 4.
Go to the folder in which youve put your picture and your server and open a new notepad document.
We are going to write a .bat (batch) file into this notepad document. If you know how a start command is written in batch do so now as that is what we are doing, if not read below...
First type
"@echo off."

next line type "@start"

space ON THAT LINE, then type the name of your server.
In this example it is "fakeserver.exe"

Space one additional space from that and on the same line put in quotations "C:\Documents and Settings\current

user\Desktop\"your folder"

hit enter to go to a new line and type "@end" after your opening path.

Save as "whatever".bat all that matters is that we name this file with the extension of ".bat" after you name it...
Step 5.
Go to the folder that youve created for this project and right click your mouse cursor onto the picture that you are using to host your server.

Select "properties" @ the very bottom of this list.
Under properties screen there should be a bar that says
type of file: jpeg image
opens with : unknown application

next to the "open with" line there should be a button which says "change", hit this button and select the .bat file that you created. Hit ok and then go to the bottom of the properties screen and select "apply"

What this does is makes your batch file run whenever your picture is clicked on... that batch file then executes your server on the victims machine...

Step 6.
Right click both your server and your batch file and select, "hidden" and hit the apply button.
Now they cant be seen unless the person shows hidden files on their system or uses the search feature and when the pic is opened it will run your server as you made it to do!

and now for a quick recap of the steps with pics...

server and pic both in folder
[Image: 1-1.jpg]

creating the .bat file to start server....
[Image: 2-1.jpg]

setting your pic to open with the .bat file
[Image: 3-1.jpg]

showing how to set the pic to run with .bat
[Image: 4-1.jpg]

showing how to hide both server and .bat file from common eyes.
[Image: 5-1.jpg]

notice it appears that there is only one pic in the folder?
[Image: 6-1.jpg]

but there are really 3 files there..
[Image: 7-1.jpg]

Optionally, If your victim is a rather suspicious person and will go snooping when no picture opens for them, add another start command to your bat leading to a copy of the picture that is hidden as well.
So now you know the way that I may or may not infect victims with pictures(or other files of choosing really). If you have a spin of this or adaptation with your own methods to improve this one, feel free to add it.
Hope youve enjoyed this tutorial

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