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[MASM] Obfuscator v1.0 + code 1000 credits

Chỉ hỗ trợ MASM. Enter code và dùng dc 1000 lần.
Code : CAA9-A68A-DDB7-34E8

Download Obfuscator's backend (internet connection required)

VersionFile sizeLocationInstallation
Obfuscator v1.0372 kBobfuscator10.zipWinZip archive
Obfuscator v1.0566 kBobfuscator10.exeInstaller included

Obfuscator is a tool to modify x86 assembler source code in this way to make an analysis of compiled code very difficult. Small example:

It is an unusual tool and the target audience is quite small, but if you're writing assembler code and you want to protect your work from decompilation or just to make it as hard as it's possible to analyze, you might want to try it.

Obfuscator features

Features list:

  • MASM syntax only, processing of @@ labels, detection of local variables, constant equ values, and numbers in different formats (hex, dec)
  • changing code execution flow (non linear code path) - it's usefull against all kinds of debuggers, analysis of such code is very "unpleasant"
  • mutation of original instructions into series of other equivalent opcodes - obfuscator can mutate both arithmetic and logical opcodes
  • hiding of direct calls to functions (including WinApi calls)
  • inserting garbage opcodes between real instructions (so called "junks")
  • inserting fake instructions between real ones, 32/16/8 opcodes are generated
  • no support for code with assume directives
  • obfuscated code is slower than the original code

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