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[Hacking] Mediafire WiFi Hack

1. Auditor-200605-02-no-ipw2100.iso
This version is for systems with the Intel B/G wireless cards (IPW2200) only.All other system should take the version below.The md5sum of auditor-200605-02-no-ipw2100.iso is "70a5f3e47c191c055366b3b0a3fa2c90"
2. Auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso
This version is for all systems except systems with the Intel B/G wireless cards (IPW2200).The md5sum of auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso is "cdec4b975c1001ddc127a16a32ed1dd7"
Both is bootable Live CD's (no need install nothing)
Image format: .ISO
Burn with UltraISO, Alcohol. Nero etc.

Including everything you need to hack and crack Wifi internet connections.
Basic Directions:
1)Boot from cd
2)get the wep key
3)write it down
4)reboot into windows
5)connect using wep key.

Auditor: The security tool collection
The Auditor security collection is a GPL-licensed live CD based on Knoppix,
with more than 300 security software tools.
Auditor gives you easy access to a broad range of tools in almost no time.
To get started, download the latest image of Auditor and burn it as a bootable image.
Remember to use the image option -- just copying the file will not produce a bootable image. After you have successfully written the image to disc, you can start Auditor directly from the CD. It will not install any permanent software on the hard disk unless you request it to, so don't be nervous to use Auditor on a client workstation.

(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking2.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking3.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking4.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking5.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking6.rar -
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking7.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking8.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking9.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking10.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking11.rar
(Ghost0bk)wWw.Update24h.Com_Wifi DVD Hacking12.rar
Pass or Ghost0bk
Have Fun!

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