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[Source] Delphi. Malzilla exploring malicious pages

This was my description of Malzilla: Malware hunting tool

Others think that Malzilla deserves some better description.

Home page:

JohnC from Malware Domain List says:
"Web pages that contain exploits often use a series of redirects and obfuscated code to make it more difficult for somebody to follow. MalZilla is a useful program for use in exploring malicious pages. It allows you to choose your own user agent and referrer, and has the ability to use proxies. It shows you the full source of webpages and all the HTTP headers. It gives you various decoders to try and deobfuscate javascript aswell."

Softpedia says:
"Explore malicious webpages and view their code with Malzilla"

Valentin from Chip Online says:
"Malware-Jäger aufgepasst: Ein neues Tool mit dem Namen Malzilla nimmt verschlüsselten Javascripts den Schrecken."


Latest binaries for Windows can be downloaded from here.
Source code can be downloaded from here.

Malzilla add-ons:
Templates Pack01 - navigator

Misc tools:
PDF_streams_inflater - find and extract zlib compressed streams from PDF files
XORer - XOR a file
InnoBF - brute force password-protected InnoSetup-based installers (sources)

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