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[Source] VB.Breakthrough !! UPDATED - Completely hiding a process from the task manager in 9x and NT!

This is really a great breakthrough, this is how to completely and truely hide a process from being listed in the task manager's process list (or *any* other program that lists currently running processes!). It is done in a completely different way (it uses a kernel mode driver!) You gotta see that, people! It will completely change the way people look at windows NT/XP. I've seen many other submissions on how to hide a process, but none of them truely hides the process, instead, they simply either clear the list of Task Manager's Process List or simply disable the task manager. But this submission is completely different. Hope you guys like it, and if you do, please vote for me. :D ------------------------------------------------------------------ [9:02 AM 9/13/2006] Added ShowProcess function! ------------------------------------------------------------------ [4:12 PM 9/13/2006] Some minor changes ------------------------------------------------------------------ [8:03 PM 10/28/2006] (Final I) 1- Packed the project into a ActiveX DLL file that includes all needed .sys files. 2- Added some useful functions: GetProcessByName() and others!

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