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[Programming] Delphi2Cpp Professional v1.1.7

Delphi2Cpp makes a first rough translation of the source code. In most cases a manual post-processing of the produced code will be required. However, it is aim of the program to keep the amount of the post-processing as small as possible.Some language features of Delphi cannot be reproduced adequately in the standard C . They can be reproduced however with the extended capabilities of the CBuilder, thatrsquo;s the C compiler of the same manufacturer, which also produces the Delphi compiler. This extended C is the primary target of the translation made by Delphi2Cpp.The Delphi2Cpp application will save most simple purely mechanical syntactical substitutions and rearrangements of the code in which the largest portion of the translation consists. Some more complex translation steps also are executed too Size:3.9 MB


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