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[Encoding] Upscaling standard dvd movies to 1080p using ffdshow and your htpc

I Downloaded the sw kit.
I unzipped the sw kit.

I first installed Avisynth. With the Avisynth in the sw kit you don't need to replace the avisynth.dll as shown in the video.

Then I install ffdshow.

During the install of ffdshow there is a page that's called "Select Additional tasks", I check these boxes besides what's already checked:
mpeg2: libmpeg2
vc1: wmv9
raw video

Then after ffdshow is installed there is a final page that says "Run ffdshow video decoder configuration", so I check that box then press Finish.

Now ffdshow video decoder configuration pops up, here is how I set it up.

From the codecs tab I scroll down to mpeg2 and highlight it and check the "dvd decoding" box, then I click apply.

From the Decoder Options tab I uncheck the "Detect soft telecine and average frame durations" box, then I click apply.

Then I scroll down the check boxes until I see the Subtitles check box, and I click it with my mouse and hold down the mouse button and drag the subtitles check box to the top of the list, so it's right below Decoder Options.
Then I go through every list in subtitles and make sure every box is unchecked, so the subtitles checkbox has all the boxes unchecked, the titles sub list has all the boxes unchecked, then I press apply.

Then I drag the avisynth check box so it's right below the subtitles check box, and I check the avisynth checkbox and uncheck these boxes in the avisynth tab:
"add ffdshow video source"
Still in the avisynth tab, I check the Buffers back/ahead box and leave the values at 10 10.

Then I check and drag the resize & aspect check box so it's below the avisynth check box, and this is how I setup the ffdshow resize & aspect check box:
I check the Multiply by circle and set it to the value of 1.000
I check the "No Aspect ratio correction" circle, then I click Apply.

Then I scroll down to the Output tab and uncheck these boxes:
"High quality yv12 to rgb conversion"
"select closest matching colorspace"

I leave the YV12 check box checked, then I press Apply and OK to close the ffdshow video decoder configuration.

Third, I install Matroskasplitter.

Fourth I unzip mpc-hc and put it on my desktop.

Fifth, in Windows 7, I open windsfiltertweaker and go to the Preferred decoders tab and the 32 bit decoders to use ffdshow, specifically these decoders:
Then I click Apply and Close.
Then I check the tweaks tab and disable the "Microsoft dtv-dvd video decoder", then I click apply, close and then exit.

Sixth, I unzip the plugins folder and go to this folder C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64 to put the fftw3.dll.

Then I drag and drop the other dll’s into that folder and accept when it asks if I want to modify those dll's into the C:\\Program Files (x86)\\AviSynth 2.5\\plugins folder.

You can tell it's the right folder because Directshowsource.dll is in that folder.

For non-64 bit windows you would put the fftw3.dll into the C:\\WINDOWS\\system32 folder, and the other plugins go into the C:\\Program Files\\AviSynth 2.5\\plugins folder where directshowsource.dll is.

Seventh, I open media player classic home cinema player, and go to the "View, Options, Output" tab and check vmr9 windowed.
Then I go to the "view, Options, External filters tab" and check the Add filter box, and add "ffdshow video decoder", that set ffdshow video decoder to "Prefer", Click Apply and Ok to close the options box.
Then I go to "view, options, internal filter" and check every box.

Reboot and then put a movie in the computer and then open the movie with mpc-hc using the file tab and go to the dvd drive to open the movie.


video guide at youtube link.
sw kit. Updated May 8, 2011.

Step 1.) install software: avisynth before ffdshow.
Step 2.) configure ffdshow digital audio
Step 2.) configure ffdshow analog audio
Step 3.) configure ffdshow video
Step 4.) configure media player classic
Step 5.) install avisynth plugins
Step 6.) Reboot, twice.

________ FFDshow configuration options ________
- for vista, use aero. for quality.

FFDshow configuration options.

________ upscaling ffdshow configuration ________

Codecs tab
Set Mpeg2 to Libmpeg2, and check "DVD decoding".
Set Avisynth to Avisynth, Raw video to All supported

Decoder options tab
Uncheck "Detect soft telecine and average frame durations"

Subtitles tab, Unchecked
Uncheck "Decode closed captions"
Uncheck "Accept embedded subs"
Uncheck "Accept SSA, ASS, ASS2 Subtitle (experimental)
Vobsub subpage, uncheck Vobsub Enable.

Avisynth tab checked
YV12 checked,
Add FFdshow Video source Unchecked,
3:2 Pulldown box: Ignore Pulldown checked,
check Buffer back/Ahead: 10, 10

video=ffdshow_source().changefps(ffdshow_source(), linear=true)
C=a.SeeSaw_JD(B).limitedsharpenfaster(strength = 11)
return C
GetMTMode(false) > 0 ? distributor() : last
Resize & aspect tab checked
Process whole image checked
Specify horizontal and vertical Resize: 1920, 1080 (or your monitors resolution)
Process Pixel aspect ratio internally checked
No aspect ratio correction checked
Luma Sharpen: 0.00
Luma Guassian Blur 0.50 (On small monitors like laptops it's best not to use this. Set it to 0.00)
Accurate rounding checked

Output tab
yv12 checked

________ Media Player Classic ________

Click the View button. Check only the top three in the drop down list.
Click options.

Click the output tab, and set Directshow output to vrm9 windowed.
Directshow Audio: Select Reclock Audio Renderer

Click the External Filters Tab.
Click the Add Filter Button.
Double click the filters you want. You'll need;
FFdshow Audio decoder
FFdshow video decoder

________ Potplayer ________

Run the potplayer installer.
Open Potplayer and right click the screen,

Set the renderer to use madvr:
Video, Video Renderer, click "Madshi Video Renderer"

Set FFDshow to be the video decoder:
- Filters, Advanced Filter Settings, video decoder, filter management, press "scan", press "Ok".
Now in "Video decoder" press the drop down menu and set all the filters to use ffdshow video decoder, press "Ok".

To open a DVD, go to:
Right click screen, "Open", "Open Directory", "Computer", highlight the DVD drive, click Ok.

________ FFdshow Audio Decoder: Analog ________

Codecs tab

- Uncompressed Tab
Set it to "32 bit integer"

Mixer tab
- checked
I use 5.1 speakers so I set the number of speakers to 5, and check the Lfe box.

Output tab,
- Select 32 bit integer.

________ FFdshow Audio Decoder: Bitstream HD Audio in Windows 7 ________

Install Haali Media Splitter

Step 1

Codecs tab

- Uncompressed Tab
Set it to "All Supported"

Output tab,
- Passthrough boxes: ac3, dts, dolby digital plus, dts hd, dolby truehd are checked.
- Connect as PCM first is unchecked
- Supported output formats: check only 16bit, 24bit.
- Check direct to file

Step 2

Put the files from the bat folder into the system32 folder. To register the bat files you need to get permission to, here is how to do that.
- Using as a example. Right click and select Properties.
Go to Security, Advanced, Owner tab, Edit, Hightlight Administerators, click Apply.
From the properties, security tab, click Edit. From the Group or user names list, highlight each one and make sure it has Full Control checked.
Click ok and close the properties tab.
- Do this for these three files:,, regsvr32.exe.
- Then right click the MPCVideoDec bat file and run as Administrator. It should successfully register the .ax file.

- For 64 bit windows. Put the, into the system32 folder and the MPCVideoDec bat, MpegSplitter bat files into the syswow64 folder.
Change the permissions for the,, regsvr32.exe as usual.

Step 3

- Run the reg file in the My Documents folder.

Step 4

- Run the Win7DSFilterTweaker.
Under the "Preferred Directshow decoding filters in Windows 7" tab, set H.264, and VC1 to MPCVideoDec.
The "Media Foundation" tab is left at default.
Under the "More Tweaks for Windows 7", check "Disable Microsoft DTV-DVD Audio Decoder", "Disable Media Foundation".

________ Software ________

FFDshow. Updated May 8, 2011.
media player classic home cinema. updated March 13, 2011
Avisynth: custom build I made

________ Optional Software ________

J River

Test disks for comparison.

________ Plugins ________

plugins: link. Updated May 8, 2011.

\\\\\\\\\\ List of the nessessary Avisynth plugins to go in the plugin folder. 9 in total.

\\\\\\\\\\ fftw3.dll goes into the System32 folder.
If your using a 64 bit version of windows, put the fftw3.dll into the SysWOW64 folder, instead of the system32 folder.


\\\\\\\\\\ I use the ati 4670 and the 11.2 drivers.
I use hdmi to my 1080p tv.
The pixel format I use is full rgb: 4:4:4
I use a intel E6600 cpu, 2GB ram, Sata HDD, Sound card


Spdifer (For DTS and AC3)



media player classic

avisynth plugins folder

link to a different guide that shows you how to setup profiles


See this link for Frame Doubling, or Frame Interpolation. 37.8486328125k . file 5.650390625k . file 96.3984375k . file


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