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[Reverse's Tools] Daphne v1.47

Daphne v1.47

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Daphne is a small (system tray) application for killing, controlling and debugging Windows' processes. It was born to kill a windows process and became almost a task manager replacement. You can kill a process by dragging the mouse over the windows, by right-clicking the process in the main process list, or by typing its name with the "Kill all by name" command. You can set a any window to be always on top, to be transparent, to be enable, et cetera.

Although Daphne was born just to kill windows process. You can think of Daphne as a task manager replacement. The main window displays a list of currently running process with detailed information about: CPU usage, Process ID, Process name, Full path (and arguments), Priority, Class (Process / Service), Current memory usage, Peek memory usage, Current swap usage, Peek swap usage and Number of threads

New in Daphne v1.47:

  • Detection for 64 bits environments.
  • Per process detailed I/O information.
  • Major bug fixed: Get process environment information.




  • Enhanced (experimental) multidesktop feature: use up to four windows desktops using WindowsKey + F5 to F8.
  • Installed software list for inspecting installed software available in tray icon menu. Installed software
  • Check process hierarchy tree using the "Show process tree" at tray icon menu. Process tree
  • Parent process name an PID at process' properties.
  • Now you can make configuration portable using INI file instead of registry base configuration.
  • Support for DRK's process data base information search and contribution.
  • Hide application tool: drop the target over the application's window you want to hide. Later, you can restore the application from Daphne menu.
  • Take care: process names may be eclipsed by malicious software.
  • Find process window tool: identify the process which owns the targeted window.
  • Traps: you can set up traps to be applied to any process being created.
  • Detailed process list, including full path and arguments.
  • Per process detail including: Windows tree, thread list, modules, enviroment variables.
  • Using the windows tree you can: Show, hide, set always on top on or off, set focus, et cetera to any give window.
  • Kill all by name: Kill all process using a given name.
  • Kill menu: Customizable menu, each menu item has a process list to kill upon activation.
  • Process list highlighting with colors for custom, system and high CPU-consumption processes.
  • Control inspector window for revealing hidden passwords.
  • Drag and drop tool for killing, setting alpha, enabling controls and putting windows always on top.
  • "Hide Java VM from command line" option in advanced tab makes Daphne strip the path to the default Java VM in full path mode.
  • Internationalization: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, Valencian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic and Greek support.

Runs over:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 x32

We are looking for translators!

If you can and want to contribute, please contact the author or post a message to our translation forum.

Contribute to Daphne project by:

  • Sending feedback, suggestions and bug reports using this suport forum.
  • Translating Daphne to your own language:
    1. Download the .POT file
    2. Generate a .PO file in the new language (I've used this tool:
    3. Send it back to drkbugs AT gmail DOT com
  • Linking to this download page from your site or blog.
  • Talking about Daphne to your friends.
  • Making donations via PayPal


Auto install distribution:

Daphne_setup - 1.5 MBytes - Daphne v1.47 - August 28, 2010
Download and execute Daphne_setup.

Daphne_setup x86-64 - 1.5 MBytes - Release Candidate - August 29, 2010
Download and execute Daphne_setup_x64 if you are running Windows 64 bit version.

If you already have installed Daphne_setup and want to update language files:
LANGSetup - 221.3 kBytes - Daphne v1.47 - August 28, 2010
Download and execute LANGSetup.

Manual install and previous versions:

Get the ZIP package (1.3 MBytes)

Get version 1.46 ZIP package (1.3 MBytes)
Get version 1.45 ZIP package (1.3 MBytes)
Get version 1.44 ZIP package (1.2 MBytes)
Get version 1.43 ZIP package (1.2 MBytes)

Daphne is licensed under the GNU General Public License

Source code distribution:

Daphne-src.7z - 999.3 kBytes - Daphne v1.47 - August 28, 2010


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