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[Symbian] Nokia S60 5th SDK with Emulator

Trước khi download vào forum nokia đăng ký một acc

D-link download ActivePearl 5.8.9 dùng chạy Emulator:
Nokia S60V5 SDK kèm Emulator (trình giả lập S60v5 Phone).

This is the installation package for S60 5th Edition SDK for Symbian OS. This SDK enables application development in Symbian C++, Open C/C++, Java™, and Web technologies for devices based on the S60 platform. The SDK is based on S60 5th Edition and Symbian OS 9.4. The SDK includes the all key resources needed for application development (documentation, API reference, examples, and an emulator), excluding an IDE.
Open Source Software Components
This SDK includes certain open source or other software originating from third parties that may be subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL) and different and/or additional copyright licenses, disclaimers and notices. The exact terms of GPL and some other licenses, disclaimers and notices are reproduced in the materials provided with this product [and are also available at]. Please refer to the exact terms of the GPL regarding your rights under said license. You may obtain a complete corresponding machine-readable copy of the source code of such software under GPL and some other open source licenses allowing source code distribution here.
Alternatively, Nokia offers to provide such source code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution, such as the cost of media, shipping and handling, upon written request to Nokia at:
Open Source Projects
P.O. Box 321
This offer is valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of the distribution of this product by Nokia.

Type: Software Development Kit
Language: English (en)
Intended audience: Advanced
Đây là giao diện Emulator
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