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[Reverse's Tools] .NET Reflector 7 (beta) EAP

鈥� Better decompilation, including iterator block (yield) support, and improved .NET 4.0 support.
鈥� Tabbed decompilation.
鈥� The ability to decompile and explore code in referenced assemblies directly in Visual Studio.

There are also numerous bug fixes and smaller improvements.

System requirements are still pretty modest, although you will need .NET 3.5 or later to run this new version of Reflector. Other than that, Windows XP or later, 128 MB of RAM (although we鈥檇 recommend more), and 16 MB free hard disk space, is where it鈥檚 at.

NOTE: This is pre-release software, which may be unstable. Use at your own risk. Each EA build will expire every couple of weeks or so. When that happens, co

download from official site (the right red ribbon)

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