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[HD phim], A Lazy Mans folder.jpg, wd_tv.jpg, and wd_tv.txt Generator! Version

This application retrieves movie content from The Movie Db and generates wd_tv.jpg, info.txt (optional), and folder.jpg files in your movie directories. These directories, when read by the Western Digital WD TV, will display a full 1280x720px background image, a 180x240px thumbnail, and movie information instead of the generic WDTV movie thumbnail and background image.

Download WDTV  ImageGrabber v2.9.9.1

This program requires the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework to run

- Minor runtime bug fix

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WDTV mods you will need to view the thumbnails and movie sheets from your WDTV
WDLXTV custom firmware -
LaurentG app.bin -

Important Notes:
Custom Movie Sheet Builder app - Builds a single movie sheet and folder.jpg from scratch.
Mass Folder Renamer - Cleans up folder names in your movie directory (ex. the.dark.knight.[2008]-DVDRIP   ->  The Dark Knight), includes a demo mode to test it out first.
Each movie needs to be contained within a directory named after a movie (otherwise, have an info.txt or .nfo file in the folder containing the IMDB ID).
The generated files will be automatically placed into each directory.
I tested my application on a movie directory with 83 movies, it found images for 76 movies, 5 movies were found but did not have any images, and 2 movies weren't found. Overall it took about 25 minutes for all the images to download, but this depends on your internet speed.

Folder structure:

If you set the folder D:\movies\ in the WDTV Image Grabber program, movie directories should be like:

D:\movies\The Bourne Identity\
D:\movies\The Dark Knight\


1. Select Movie Directory (Your folder containing the movie directories).
2. Press Generate! button.
3. The left box will populate with movie names grabbed from directory name. The right box will show Movie Name if the movie was found.
4. Once retrieval has finished, you can compare the boxes to find out if there are any movies it couldn't find.

This application generates:

wd_tv.jpg = a 1280x720px jpeg which becomes a backdrop in WDTV. Now this file also contains a poster image and movie information text written onto it.
folder.jpg = a 180x240 or 120x180 jpeg which becomes a thumbnail in WDTV
info.txt = a text file displaying movie information. If this file exists in the movie directory, the program will read the IMDB ID off it instead of using the folder name to search (optional)

Feedback much appreciated!!

Revamped backdrop style

MSheet backdrop style

Cinema backdrop style

CRT TV backdrop style (left and right borders for older CRT TVs)

Basic backdrop style (for older CRT TVs)

MSheet 1280x459

MSheet 500x720



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